Keep Your Heat Pump in Top Shape with Professional Maintenance

Sustaining the overall condition of a heat pump will always be a fantastic investment in your HVAC system and overall sense of comfort. Consistent service from a skilled, local technician can enhance performance, reduce energy costs, and help you sidestep costly heat pump repairs later on. With high-quality heat pump maintenance, you may even prolong the life span of this innovative home comfort system and continue to enjoy a comfortable home through hot and cold weather alike.

At Olympic Aire, our skilled technicians are trained to complete comprehensive maintenance for all sorts of heat pumps. From annual inspections and cleaning to comprehensive tune-ups, we have the tools and expertise to handle every aspect of professional maintenance. Get in touch today at 301-638-1118 to learn more about the perks of professional heat pump maintenance.

The Significance of Heat Pump Maintenance

While averting an unexpected breakdown and premature heat pump replacement is important, professional heat pump maintenance should present much more. You have earned the peace of mind that your heat pump is running at its best, prepared for year-round comfort. Technicians will complete a number of maintenance tasks to evaluate system components and complete necessary servicing. For heat pumps, this could mean checking the air filter and refrigerant levels as well as inspecting all electrical connections.

A professional heat pump tune-up should benefit every aspect of your heat pump’s functionality, from airflow to safety features. In turn, this helps maximize energy efficiency and cuts down on your monthly bills! Even just one annual visit can reduce the threat of premature heat pump replacement.

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What to Expect from Heat Pump Maintenance with Olympic Aire


Comprehensive System Inspection

Technicians can conduct a detailed examination of all the components of your heat pump system to maintain proper operation and identify any potential issues. This involves the indoor and outdoor unit as well as accessories such as your thermostat.

Comprehensive System Inspection

Technicians can complete a thorough evaluation of all the components of your heat pump system to ensure proper operation and find any possible problems. This consists of the indoor and outdoor unit in addition to accessories such as your thermostat.



Refrigerant Check and Recharge

The coolant supply for your heat pump is essential to its performance, and trouble with the refrigerant levels can be catastrophic for energy efficiency. Technicians will check and replenish the refrigerant if needed. That said, widespread damage may not be worth repairing. Alternatively, heat pump installation can be the more cost-effective solution.

Assess Safety Features

Safety features such as overheat protection and pressure switches are absolutely essential for the safe operation of your heat pump. Technicians try these features during maintenance to confirm these safeguards are prepared to respond.



Secure Electrical Connections

Quality electrical connections keep the various components of your heat pump interacting efficiently. Therefore, inspecting and adjusting these connections as required is always a valuable part of heat pump maintenance.

Man performing a heat pump maintenance test with tools resting on unit

Discover the Benefits of Pro Heat Pump Maintenance Today

When it comes to supporting your heat pump, regularly scheduled preventive maintenance from Olympic Aire is the best tool in your arsenal. Our experienced technicians boost the performance of your system, ensuring peak levels of safety and smaller energy costs throughout your pump’s lifetime. Don’t wait until something goes wrong–request your next maintenance visit today and enjoy a comfortable home for years to come! For more information or to arrange an appointment, give us a call at 301-638-1118 today.

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