Benefits of Installing a New Heating System

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Heating companies provide a wide range of services, such as heater installation, repair, and maintenance. If you have an old heating system in your home, then finding the best heating company to install a new heating system is a smart move. Here’s what you could stand to benefit from with this investment.

Improved Energy Efficiency

If you have an old heating system that’s still running, it’s easy to think there’s no need to get a new system. According to the Department of Energy, although aged fuel furnace and boiler systems are 56% to 70% efficient, modern conventional heating systems can achieve even higher efficiency ratings of up to 98.5%. That means by upgrading your heating system, you can reduce your energy bill and realize more savings in the long run. The good news is that energy-efficient systems usually last longer, and you can boost savings by implementing other energy-efficient measures, such as sealing air leaks.

Fewer Repairs and Less Maintenance

Since your new heating system should be able to operate at peak efficiency, it should experience less wear and tear. That means you won’t have to spend a lot of time and money calling on heating companies for repairs and maintenance work. Ultimately, energy-efficient systems tend to have longer lifespans because they go through fewer cycles and operate at lower speeds. The reduced wear and tear and the longer lifespan just add to your cost savings.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

When you increase your home’s energy efficiency, you not only reduce your energy bill but also make a positive impact on the environment. That’s because high-efficiency systems use less power to heat your home. This reduces your reliance on fossil fuels that contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming, thus impacting the environment negatively.

Improved Home Comfort

An energy-efficient heating system comes with modern features that help optimize the temperature and quality of indoor air. For instance, variable speed compressors work to consistently deliver warm air to your home, while an energy recovery ventilator ensures the perfect humidity levels. Adding a new system can also add more value to your home in the eyes of homebuyers.

These are plenty of reasons to get excited about investing in a new heating system. Looking for the best heating companies to do the job? Don’t hesitate to turn to Olympic Aire Services Inc to schedule an appointment or learn more about the benefits of installing a new heating system.